Saltwater Rain (Freeverse by Maddie)


Saltwater rain filled the mailboxes
and left footprints on staircases.

There was an ocean above the clouds
and as salt and water fell
tree roots became
the new branches and blossoms.
The floors were shingled like rooftops
and ceilings were made of tile and wood.

Footsteps landed on sea foam
and the sky was an hourglass
defying gravity.
The world turned slowly,
like ashes
no one noticed.

Two lovers walking on a boardwalk
floated up in their embrace
and walked again on the waves.
Baby carriages became sailboats
and cars, submarines-
glowing peacefully.

Breathing underwater
was like first nature
and silent laughter, silent words
were understood;
bubbles tickled feet
and floated to the new surface.

The sun was raining now.


Indelible (Freeverse by Maddie)


Falling temperatures
dig under the skin
of our bedroom walls,
stripping color
from texture.

Spirals of dry paint
layering the room
drift like whispers,
looking for wind
as they unpaint
full of photographs
and weathered
love letters.

If we re- create
these four walls
built with able hands
and solid spines,
we’d erase
our footprints
that were once

Water spots,
lavender scents
and random
brush traces
would be unwritten
stroke by stroke.

It was the time
before we learned how
to condense jars
of bleeding colors
between eight corners,
before we could talk
without glass shaking,
touch without tears,
and explore
without scars
reminding us,
we are not

Our Story (Freeverse by Maddie)


Take your favorite black pen
and introduce ink to paper.

 Write our story in a journal
and mark where we left off.

Don’t forget the summers downtown
where the sidewalks guided us.
Remember the painting in the museum,
how it boasted technique and vied
for the window,
while the most beautiful
free verse watercolor
lay tossed in the alley dumpster .

Recall heated words
that December air tried to neutralize,
relive running away
from amends and racing
back to fix it all.

Arouse the sensation
of infinity
and climbing
to tree tops to gaze
at the painting
sunlight created.

Revive childhood
memories and laughter,
days with freedom
while smiling through sunburns
and rooftops
at night
when the stars came home.

Take your favorite black pen
and introduce ink to paper.


Found in the Stars (Freeverse by Maddie )


Our destination
was Niagara Falls
so we could blend
with sheets of indigo
water and sparkle
with desire
before plummeting
into scintillating mist.

We chose a cloud
to jump from
but we missed
the world,
and ended up tangled
in strands of thorns floating
between star-lit universes.

How did we miss the world
when the only way was down
and our only friend was gravity?


Oscillating Months (Freeverse by Maddie)


Oscillating months,
the interval between April
and August,
the time between years
showcasing an empty chalk board
calling for letters and love.

A moment where forced puzzle pieces
finally sprung apart
and the tin boxes
lining window sills
adorned themselves
in age- defining dust.

The silver charm
locked itself in a jewelry box
and the vacuum
stole tape and glue.

After rewriting the stories,
replacing the windows,
and shredding the pictures,
I looked to where the sun
was pointing
rather that its blinding core.

I was okay with the flowers
withering from the spotlight
while I watered the weeds.

It was the months
of oscillation,
not in scenery
or circumstance
but in the shifting
of matter
and focal points.

Goodbyes were whispered
across cities
as photo albums lost
their sacred touch,
and colors of the waterfall faded
while the horizon expanded
and mountains
once hidden behind
cumulus threads
releasing a map with dotted lines
and destinations,
a place without footsteps,
waiting to be bounded across.


Search for the Pieces (Ekphrastic Poem by Maddie)


(Inspired by:  McNay Art Museum)

A village ravaged
with stifling ash
and broken clouds,
rests in wariness.

Mounds of copper
litter slide down the hills,
collapsing on itself,
while an abandoned
factory blows no exhaust
in the acrid air

There used to be a plentiful stream
under the bridge
but now there is only debris,
and the house across the street
used to be standing,
but now it lies like a slanted
trying to be a home again.

With Frost and Light (Ekphrastic by Maddie)


(Inspired by:  McNay Art Museum)

An open book
in his middle- aged hands,
a charred log
in the blackened
and a shallow lamp
by his side,
consuming heat.

An unlit cigarette wilts
between his lips,
a half smile
lifting his features,
as if he’s lost
in the book’s tale
and forgot to light
the aromatic spiral.

Small shadows
accompany him,
reading over his shoulder
and swaying to the story.

Sustain (Micro- Fiction by Maddie)


Air is a dynamic quintessence, existing as single elements or mixtures.  Every living thing breathes air; people, plants, animals, fish. How one thing made of miniscule particles can sustain the entire spectrum of life is breathtaking.  Air is transcending, anything can float within air or on top of it.  Air can even hold water, moisture.  It can carry sounds, words, moods, tension, anticipation.

Wonder (Freeverse by Maddie)


Instead of asking myself why
people steal happiness for themselves,
push someone down
to feel superior
in another’s fragmentation,
or blow a tragedy struck
nation into pieces,
I spend quiet evenings
perpending the reasons
for art,
for ink, lead, and music,
and I wonder
why people educate
and why there are believers
in choice, morality, and freedom.
I ponder the existence
of food banks, shelters
and races for cancer.

From these questions
I can visualize
a seed planted
under the hands
of those who live
with love
and those small seeds grow roots
then stems and leaves,
and dandelions
of hope transfused
with just one breath.

The Upside of the Ocean (Freeverse by Maddie)


I recall the path
of strewn shells,
the soft rolls of toes
brushing minerals.

The sliver
between the sun and the moon
lay nestled in our twined fingertips
as we scoured the sky’s ocean
and delved into misty waves
coursing over our shoulders
and down our limbs.

Do you remember
when we closed our eyes
and let the wind
breeze though our eyelashes?
Our hair was rustled
in locks holding the day’s story
and leaves twirled on our palms.

We looked under the upside
of the ocean, and saw energy
in gradual and monsoon waves.